Advantages over Russia

Advantages over Russia

We have personnel with professional knowledge and hired a number of Russian veterans to form a special team to be responsible for the procurement of corresponding materials in Russia and even the former CIS; Moreover, these people are experienced in devices and trade with Russia... The time we travel between China and Russia is regular. Even when the list is large, the task is urgent or the user has special needs, we can deliver the goods to China (specially assigned person) every week

We cooperate with the old and big electronic device franchisees in Russia or Ukraine to make inquiries and purchase all the year round. It not only has low cost, wide coverage of devices, stable and reliable quality, reasonable price, but also avoids some unnecessary risks other than commercial activities!

In the quotation, we must not offer without goods, blind quotation, exclusive goods and asking for price all over the world. We strictly abide by the contract when we deliver the goods. In case of irresistible factors, we usually try to explain the reasons to the customers in advance and truthfully to minimize the loss to the customers. We guarantee that: malicious deception, cheating customers and vicious competition for the purpose of order pulling and business snatching are not allowed( If so, we will pay the customer's losses in full)

To our inquiry, there is a quotation back on the day (return to your customers). The backbone members of our company are early master's postgraduates who have served in the army for many years and have been engaged in the electrical, computer and automation industries for 24 years. Its computer, foreign language ability is very strong!

Wuhan, the thoroughfare of nine provinces, has always been a treasure land for business. Wuhan's geographical and regional advantages undoubtedly facilitate the communication between you and me!

We adhere to: integrity, fast, economic, accurate "eight character" policy! Strive to serve customers well.

Of course, we are a high-tech private (joint venture) enterprise. We can also use many effective commercial means to help and ensure that you not only complete the glorious tasks assigned by the organization (unit), but also make you feel quite successful!