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Briefing the Wuhan Highnew Eectronics Co., Ltd. in China

Wuhan Highnew Electronics Co. Ltd. is one of the leading private companies in the components’trade field in China since 1997. For the last 20 years, we have been carrying business with many branches of the local Chinese electronic component market. Our clients are from these fields: 
1. Weapon-repairing SOE , research institutes and military university .
2. Avionics companies ,missile making factories.
3. Private weapon-repairing companies.
4. Electronics components distributors.
5. Governmental industrial branches.

Our major is in military electronics, avionics components ,which are mainly from Russia ,Ukraine. Now we are developing the source from EU and other source .

Wuhan Highnew Electronics Co., Ltd is an representative and a leading distributor for some Russian components company .  MOST OF OUR ENQUIRIES ARE EXCLUSIVE and are not issued through other sourcing companies.

Recently, Wuhan Highnew Electronics had bought from some Russian wholesalers a stock of rare components which value to near a million dollar. This purchase was paid in cash and is being held in the company's warehouses.

Wuhan Highnew Electronics has a lot of clients both in and outside of China .

Good faith , good fame and good friends make our good future .

We are looking for serious business partners that will be able to reply to our daily RFQs and offer us good prices in good quality.

 ООО ЭПС "Хайнюй" (г. Ухань) ООО ЭПС "Хайнюй" (г. Ухань) предоставляет авиазапчасти и военные радиотехники и занимаем торговлы между китаием и россием. Благодаря современный, совершенной техинике и превосходно перед- и после- продажам обслуживания,  наша компания уже стала самым конкуренционным электронным собственым предприятием в Китае. Сейчас, некоторые конкуренционные поставщики военных электроэнергетических оборудований и радиотехники от России и Украины тоже охотно сотрудничают с нами. Наша компания покупает оборудования авиационного транспорта, кора...